Level 6 written test - Good Luck!
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If an oncoming car is within 200 feet and the driver has not turned off the high
beams, it is acceptable to flash your high beams to remind the driver to turn the high beams off.
The way to drive over an object in the road, such as a mattress or plank, is to keep your foot on the brakes until you've cleared the object.
When the car engine is hot, …
If the accelerator sticks and you choose to turn off the engine you should...
All of the following are types of brake-related technology except for...
If there is no (or very little) oil on the dip stick, you should…
The most important rule of physics to remember regarding driving emergencies is...
If the driver of an oncoming car does not turn off the high beams, you should keep your high beams on to be able to maintain sight of the road.
Imagine that you are deathly allergic to bees and while you are driving a bee flies into your vehicle and stings you. You should...
The way to pull a vehicle out of a skid is to ...
________ are superior brakes that utilize a pinching action on a metal disc to slow or stop tire rotation of the tire.
Once power is lost, steering and braking become impossible.
Sudden, hard steering to the left would shift the center of mass to shift to:
Warning lights are a suitable means of monitoring the status of your vehicle’s engine.  It is only necessary to check your engine when a warning light is flashing.
Power steering and power brakes will not function as they normally do when the
engine stalls.
What definition best describes the term “over-driving the headlights”?
When driving at night, you are less likely to get in a fatal accident because there are less drivers at night.
You are driving down a two-lane road at 45 mph. The oncoming vehicle’s right
wheels drop off the pavement. The most likely occurrence is...
During the night, when others are approaching your vehicle and do not switch to low beam, you should look at ____________.
_________ are double-walled steel tubes full of brake fluid that conduct the hydraulic pressure.
If you suspect that your brakes are not functioning properly and you do get in an accident, you will not be at fault because brake failure can happen to anyone.
Understeer is a term that also means...
The mechanical brake that, in most vehicles, is activated by a pedal or lever in the car:
The FIRST thing to do if your accelerator sticks is to...
Sleep deprivation, illness and chemical influences all affect ____________, which can directly result in mistakes while driving.
Thanks for taking your test. If you scored a 90 or above, you have passed and can move on to the next level.  Otherwise, please study up and take the test again when you are ready.